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"You’ve been waiting for this album even if you didn’t notice. The Americana rock duo smash classic sounds out of the park in their debut album." 

'Stunning harmonic backdrops and gripping musical storytelling.  The record manages to keep us hooked to every song…a true treat to savor!"

"The Taproots have released a magnificent needs to be heard to be fully appreciated, and we can not recommend it highly enough!"

"A brilliant debut album...the answer to overproduced, digitally embalmed music. We can’t wait to hear what else this duo has got for us, with their unique way of building a song."  GOOD MUSIC RADAR

" Their duet inspires with its lyrics and beautiful vocal timbres. Undoubtedly talented tandem of singers create an incredible atmosphere." 

"Their intertwining voices are stirring. In fact, each of the 14 tracks are terrific—an amazing debut!" 

"The Duo’s harmonies blend seamlessly through well thought out guitar riffs and easy to fall in love with melodies. In a musical landscape of dreary lyrics and doomsday vibes, tracks such as “Big Fat Love”, will boost your spirits and get you dancing". 

"California Life is an infectious rocker that riffs on the

mythology and mystique of the California lifestyle" 

"If you enjoy rock, folk, and blues while also being fond of stories, you’ll undoubtably be immersed in “Tales of Wonderland’s” marvelous execution and all of its impressive details."  ROCK ERA MAGAZINE


"The voices of the two singers intertwine and alternate giving a wide breath and variety to a work that presents itself as a perfect business card for the band's future record releases."

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